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Join the ZenAlpha Education Partner Program to Passionately Spread the Joys of Up-Skilling for young Children. Also you get an opportunity to Earn being our Brand Ambassador and be recognized within your local community.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    ZenAlpha Education Partner is an Exclusive Program for well networked  individuals, Homemakers, Corporate Professionals who want to partner with us to spread the joys of upskilling for young children by the Finest Mentors in Next Generation Skills

    visit our website www.ZenAlpha.me and click on the Educational Partner tab.  Fill up the form with simple information asked and submit. A Relationship Partner from ZenAlpha shall contact you within 48 hours of submission to complete the process.

    As a ZenAlpha Educational Partner you would receive all the training
    and related information for you to be  successful and also speak within your network. Ideally you should begin with your own first round of network relationships which in this case is your family and extended family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Ask them to refer you to their first level of network so that the number of people you can contact to enroll for ZenAlpha Next Generation Skills Program. Please remember, the more people you are able to approach, the more the volume of business you can be assured to get.

    As an Educational Partner you are expected to gather feedback on the programs. While ZenAlpha  would take feedback online, the Educational partner being more connected to the parents is expected to bring the actual feedback about our programs. You must provide the feedback to the relationship manager.

    Anyone who is passionate to  monetize their network of Families, Friends, relatives, Acquaintances by presenting our training programs and is willing to share the outcomes to parents and wants to contribute to the learning growth of young children within the society .

    Once you have been confirmed as a ZenAlpha Educational partner you will receive an individual code eg AB00001. You would need to share the discount code with the student to ensure it is logged in during the registration process. As an Educational Partner you would be eligible for 10% of the Net fees. The student will be eligible for a 10% discount on the Program fee. Also if the Educational Partner is able to enroll higher number of students , you will be eligible for a higher slab of pay-out.

    Yes of course, you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Partner who will work closely with you as a single point of contact and available to you all the time for your support.

    There is complete freedom to operate as an educational partner, It all depends upon how much time you want to devote. Remember that the more the business you bring, the more the money you earn. Hence it all depends upon you.