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We Boost Your Child's Skills
into Creative Results

The Technology and Business curriculum at ZenAlpha is built by a strong IIT/IIM Alumni. The course is delivered by a passionate set of instructors who want to make learning enjoyable for young learners. The instructors (our Gurus) have relevant industry experience which helps them bridge the knowledge between academia and the real world.

Equal focus has been emphasized on relevant technology topics which includes Coding, Automation, Cloud technologies along with strong business acumen of Finance, Marketing, Business communication, Co-innovation tools.
The skills enable Young learners to initiate a critical learning path to Next Generation Skills.

Our Teaching Guru's

Kate Nixon

Kate is a Certified International Toastmaster, based out of UK. At ZenAlpha Kate is responsible for coaching Public speaking to young children to help them being confident.

Martin Croft

Martin Croft is a Business Coach and Mentor to leading global firms in US and Europe. At ZenAlpha he is guiding the team to simplify topics in Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking.

Sayali Bhosale

Sayali is a successful entrepreneur running India’s premium early education schools in Pune for last decade and has strong teaching experience’s in Europe, Middle East and India.

Shreyas Bhosale

Shreyas has 2 decades of global experience running large technology sales and start up business in Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa. Shreyas is a life long learner…

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal has been into technology development for last 2 decades working across Product MNC’s  in US and India. Ujjwal is a technology geek and a super hero for all code bugs.

Atharva Godbole

Atharva is an FIDE (world chess federation) certified Chess coach. Atharva has been responsible for mentoring young generation from India as well abroad for World Chess Championship Tournaments.

Vridhi Gupta

Vridhi is C1.1 certified german trainer with a work experience of 4+ years. She comes with versatile experience in teaching German to different age group students. Vridhi believes “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions”.


Boost Your Child's Growth

The skills enable Young learners to initiate a critical learning path to Next Generation Skills.