Public Speaking

ZenAlpha (next generation skills) presents a 2 weeks (7 hours live sessions) Certificate Public Speaking Program by United Kingdom's leading toastmaster Kate Nixon. This course will help improving self confidence, leadership skills and critical thinking. Along with this course will definitely help in improving academic and career growth.


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Young Chess Champion Program

ZenAlpha presents 12 weeks of joyful and interactive Chess Championship Program. During the course of 24 session young learners will be introduced to the world of Chess and play their First Live Competitive Tournament at the end of the Program & Eligible for the Advanced Mentorship Program

₹6500   ₹12,000

Young MBA IT Program

During 12 weeks of fast-track program your child will be introduced to concepts of technology, business management and innovation techniques. The course content has been designed by IIT/IIM Alumni Mentors and delivered by academic and industry experts. On completion of this program every students will be provided customized feedback and learning journey plan.

₹5,000   ₹11,500

Fit in Deutsch 1.1

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and has the 3rd strongest economy and is the #1 export nation in the world. Knowing German creates business opportunities as the German presence on the Internet supercedes most others. 12 weeks (24 session) of joyful and interactive German Program will help young learners to speak, read, write and understand basic German.

₹5,500  ₹9,900

Python for everyone - Beginners

Python is easy to learn, heavily used in ML and AI and supported by lagre community programming language. 2 weeks (4 sessions) of simplified course is designed such a way that students get the basic knowledge of Python programming. It helps young learners to move into the Advanced Programming course. Certified Course designed by IIT/IIM Alumni Mentors and delivered by academic and Industry experts.


Python for everyone - Advanced

This course is been designed keeping it in mind that the students have prior basic knowledge of Python. 4 weeks (8 sessions) of simplified course is designed such a way that students get the advanced knowledge of Python programming. The young learners will be introduced to how to work with Dictionaries, Tuples, database and Visualizing data. Graded assignments and case study, customized feedback and learning journey plan for every student.


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Every year we get hundreds of emails, letters, and faxes from satisfied students. Below are samples of just some of the great feedback we are so happy to receive. Please feel free to submit your own feedback to ZenAlpha, we always take into account the views of our students, to make sure we are delivering the highest possible quality educational experience.


Vaishali Rajesh Adsul

Mother of Shreya


Jeeval Kharate


That was really nice class! Siddhant later got really into flow. Teacher was patient and informative. She motivated kids in positive way. We really appreciate her efforts.
Thank you ZenAlpha





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