Skills Which our children need to know in the 21st Century

  1. Learnability: The World Economic Forum jobs Report 2020 , has mentioned Active Learning as a key skill for one to succeed. In the good old days of our previous century many people started their jobs in an organization and retired mostly with the same. This phenomena will be extremely rare in the next 20-30 yrs. People who want to remain relevant will have to be skillful and the definition of skills will keep on changing.
  2. Creativity and Originality into Action: Or let us simply quote a line, Imagination to Action from Harvard Business Blogs. The future will not judge us on what we know, but what we can do what that level of information and create rapid development within our ecosystem. Hence Creativity will be a unique skills for our young children.
  3. Empathy: Empathy is a much underrated skill today. It will differentiate leaders who are accepted from the ones who are thrown away by the system. Eg Children who are able to show a strong affection with stray dogs, pets will end up being better leaders. In the next couple of decades , Leaders with power will no more be accepted , but leaders who care will be the chosen one. Empathy cannot be taught or showcased. Either we have it or we don’t.

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