Python for Anyone- Advanced

    • Python has exploded in popularity, from being an vague scripting language to becoming one of the most popular, and widely used languages in the world.
    • In this Advanced Python tutorial, you’ll learn advanced topics, a knowledge of which will set you apart from the greater number of Python developers.
    • This course is been designed keeping it in mind that the students have prior basic knowledge of Python.
    • 4 weeks (8 sessions) of simplified course is designed such a way that students get the advanced knowledge of Python programming
    • The young learners will be introduced to how to work with Dictionaries, Tuples, database and Visualizing data.
    • Graded assignments and case study, customized feedback and learning journey plan for every student.
    • Once you’re past our basics course you can start digging into the this course that will teach you advanced Python concepts and patterns.

Technology and Business Management

Industry Grade Projects

5 Weeks Boot Camp

Academic and Industry Experts

Course Content

– Dictionaries
– Tuples
– Regular expressions
– Networked programs
– Using Web Services
– Object-oriented programming
– Using Databases and SQL
– Visualizing data

₹ 2,900      ₹ 5,200